Presenting “Select Client Coverage”

Big day here at the EH3PR Blog. First off, as the firm’s de-facto CTO, I was able to change our DNS settings so we no longer look like a site built on the cheap using WordPress (author’s note: we are … please don’t tell anyone).

But what makes us most proud is some of the great coverage we’ve gotten for clients and colleagues — from today’s Globe piece on the proposed Newton-Needham (N2) suburban Innovation District (hey, I live/work near another Innovation District! What’s old is new again), to Fasten’s meteoric rise in Austin and continued work to plug way here in Boston (where Uber and Lyft still operate), to a great contributed piece in the Huffington Post on the importance of empathy (something I still need to work on, I acknowledge) from Giuseppe Stuto of SmackHigh … we are off to a good start!

Thanks to all who got in on the ground floor at EH3PR — and even better days are ahead.

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