Client Coverage

We don’t have pages and pages of media coverage (yet!). But here’s a look at the pieces of which we are particularly proud … some are for clients, some are favors for friends, all represent our best collaborative efforts with clients.

If you are interested in older coverage secured for clients when working at previous firms, drop an email please. (And again, EH3PR is taking no claims for that work as part of the current agency. </END LEGAL DISCLAIMER>)

With that in mind:

iMediaConnection, Noveber 23, 2016
Email is your open path around the “blocked web”

Xconomy, November 17, 2016
Uber Challenger Gets $10m

So That’s My Story, November 11, 2016
Interview with Stu Siegel, HockeyTech

BostInno, November 11, 2016
Fasten Raises $10M Series A to Up the Competition with Uber & Lyft

The Hockey Writers, November 7, 2016
HockeyTech Is Revolutionizing Analytics

SportsVideoGroup, November 7, 2016
HockeyTV Brings Fans and Scouts 20,000 Games a Year

BrandChannel, November 2, 2016
Ride-Sharing Options Multiply as GM Pilots Uber Program, Lyft Adds Partners

Digital Trends, November 1, 2016
Forget About Paying a Percentage of Each Fare, Fasten Drivers Pay a Flat Fee

Yahoo! News, November 1, 2016
Forget about paying a percentage of each fare, Fasten drivers pay a $1 flat fee

Digital Trends, November 1, 2016
Forget About Paying a Percentage of Each Fare, Fasten Drivers Pay a Flat Fee

Fast Company, October 31, 2016
The Ride Share Company That’s Competing With Uber and Lyft By Charging $1

“Chronicle,” WCVB ABC Boston, October 26, 2016
Chronicle: A Tech Wizard’s Wild Ride

CIO, October 25, 2016
5 mistakes to avoid when building the business case for IT

Austin Business Journal, October 17, 2016
Timeline: How Austin became the weirdest ridesharing town in the world

Crain’s Business Boston, October 13, 2016
At Needham’s HockeyTech, big data meets hockey mania

Texas Tech Pulse, October 7, 2016
Fasten Promotes Donations For Hurricane Matthew Relief In Austin

KXAN (NBC affiliate, Austin), October 2, 2016
ACL welcomes new ridesharing companies

KVUE (ABC affiliate, Austin), October 1, 2016
ACL goes on without Uber, Lyft

SportTechie, October 1, 2016
HockeyTV Live Streams Amateur Games With Backing From Former NHL Owner

MediaPost, September 29, 2016
PowerInbox Adds A Heat Map Measuring The Performance Of Design Elements

KVUE (ABC affiliate, Austin), September 28, 2016
What to expect from this year’s ACL Fest without Uber, Lyft

KVUE (ABC affiliate, Austin), September 29, 2016
Need a ride? The best ways to get to ACL


SmartBriefSeptember 27, 2016
Tap Into the Goldmine of Email Advertising

Time Warner Cable News (Austin), September 27, 2016
Transportations Tips for ACL 2016

CRM Magazine, September 26, 2016
Email Marketing: Getting from “I Think” to “I Know”

KXAN (NBC affiliate, Austin), September 21, 2016
ADA Lawsuits Filed Against Ridesharing Companies GetMe, Fare

NPR’s “Here and Now,” September 20, 2016
Kayak Co-Founder Paul English On His ‘Truck Full Of Money’

VentureFizz, September 16, 2016
Customer Portfolios CEO on Marketing’s Evolution & Demystifying Data

KVUE (ABC Austin), September 16, 2016
Surviving ACL without Uber and Lyft

AustinInno, September 15, 2016
The Austin Inno Beat–features Fasten

Boston University Daily Free Press, September 15, 2016
Uber Launches UberPOOL $2 Flat Rate on College Campuses

CNBC, September 2, 2016
Uber and Lyft are getting pushback from municipalities all over the US

Time Warner Cable News (Austin), August 31, 2016
Rideshare Drivers Pick Up Hefty Revenue From Referrals

BostInno, August 24, 2016
Office Envy: Inside Customer Portfolios’ Colorful and Playful Seaport HQ

Crain’s Business Boston, August 23, 2016
Q&A: Fasten founder Kirill Evdakov takes on Uber and Lyft

Crain’s Business Austin, August 23, 2016
Ride-sharing startup will have to follow rules to win Austin race

Mediapost, August 22, 2016
Poke MAIL? How Good Ol’ Email Marketing Can Make Pokemon Go Further (contributed article from Jeff Kupietzky of Powerinbox), August 21, 2016
Massachusetts Will Tax Uber to Subsidize Taxi Industry. That’s Absurd.

Popular Mechanics, August 21, 2016
Massachusetts Will Tax Ride Sharing Companies And Give The Money To Taxis

Vocativ, August 19, 2016
Massachusetts Will Tax Ridesharing Apps And Give Money To Taxis

Time/Money Magazine, August 19, 2016
Uber and Lyft Get Taxed in Massachusetts

Reuters, August 19, 2016 (story syndicated with > 7,000 pickups across web)
Massachusetts to tax ride-hailing apps, give the money to taxis

Boston Globe, August 19, 2016
A Nickel for Your Thoughts on How to Make Taxis Better

Austin Business Journal: August 19, 2016
Capital Gains: Ridesharing Business Just Lounging Around

CNBC: August 18, 2016
What Happened in Austin After Uber and Lyft Got Up and Left

BostInno: August 15, 2016
The BostInno Beat (references new drivers’ lounge, with photos)

Austin Statesman: July 24, 2016
The Great 512tech Ride-Hailing Test Run 2016: a summary
We tested seven of Austin’s post-Uber/Lyft ride-hailing apps July 22, 2016
Boston-based Uber competitor not too worried about regulations

WWLP-TV (Westfield, Mass.): July 20, 2016
State Legislature addresses ride sharing

Metro: July 15, 2016
Fasten offers $5 rides to folks chasing Pokemon in Boston

Forbes: July 15, 2016
Why Pokemon Go is Good for Data and Great for Business

VentureFizz: July 12, 2016
Fasten Races After Uber, Lyft With Driver-First Approach to Ridesharing

NPR Marketplace: July 7, 2016
Austin’s ride-hailing gold rush as Uber and Lyft exit

Boston Globe: June 29, 2016
Newton-Needham innovation corridor slowly developing
(favor for a good friend/colleague — also interesting in that I actually live near a burgeoning innovation corner!)

Austin Statesman: June 21, 2016
Ride-Hailing Firm Fasten Says Austin Service Off to a Good Start

Reuters: June 21, 2016 (story syndicated with > 4,000 pickups across web)
Uber and Lyft rivals rush to Texas capital after fingerprint fight

Fortune: June 21, 2016
Why Uber and Lyft Rivals Are Flocking to Austin, Texas

Huffington Post: June 20, 2016
Empathy’s Critical Role in the Workplace
Contributed piece from Giuseppe Stuto, the CEO of SmackHigh

Boston Globe: June 12, 2016
The Only Thing Jerry Cares About? Winning Now (in “Layups” section of weekly basketball notes column–includes @Fasten tweet with promise to Kevin Durant should he come to Boston — probably most excited in that I have never placed a tech client in the “basketball notes” section of the Globe, the first section of the Sunday paper I read every week)


Austin Business Journal: May 27, 2016
Life after Uber: Fasten comes from Russia, with rides

Boston Globe: May 26, 2016
In Austin, a display of ride-hailing Wild West — profile of Fasten