“Ed is strategic, one of the leading writers in the profession, unflappable, and always has his clients’ best interests in play. He was a great teammate for more than five years and I’ll always be eager to again take the field with him.” (find out more at jeffhasen.com and Gotta Mobilize) 

Jeff Hasen (former client), founder and president, Gotta Mobilize

“Ed Harrison is a rarity in the PR world and I can confidently say he’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. His approach is creative, thoughtful, pragmatic and styled in a way that is guaranteed to be highly effective for clients. In the three years we worked together, I found Ed […]

Amy Aylward (former colleague), director of corporate communications, Monotype

“I’ve worked with Ed over the past 10+ years both as a client and an analyst covering his clients. He’s not only an excellent writer but someone that understands technology, positioning, and how to connect the dots. His sense of humor, genuine enthusiasm for his clients, and ability to make those connections sets him apart […]

Rebecca Wettemann (industry analyst), vice president, research, Nucleus Research

I worked with Ed for several years while at Corel Corporation.  What made Ed different from other PR agency advisers was his level of commitment and personal investment in Corel’s people, products and brand. Ed was a true partner, someone who took the time to fully understand the cultural aspects of our business, the preoccupations of our diverse […]

Catherine Hughes (former client), Bank of Canada

“To put it in simple terms, Ed gets results — fast. He brings a unique perspective that’s both pragmatic and imaginative. He knows how to cut through the chaff and get to the wheat, identifying the meaningful ways of getting a message of substance into the minds of your audience. Ed gets results, but his […]

Greg Wood (former client), senior product director, Corel Corporation

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